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O.D. On The Reagan Ruckus!

Starting the new year off with vigor? We felt what better way than to sign up the sonic equivalent of rebellion and revolt in the form of punk rock and thrash metal! Enter Ben Reagan, the multi-instrumentalist specializing in heavy distortion guitar riffery and thunder-drums from Hell! Reagan has been on the scene for a couple decades at least, nomadically paving his way across multiple continents with a songwriting resumé including early 90's underground savage metal group DISCOURSE, Southern California "smart punk" trio TREMBLING HILLS, no-explanation-necessary-punkrock of HIPPIES IN FLAMES, and classic '77 era punk band the PAGANS. As of the last few years, Reagan has been enjoying flying internationally pulling guitar & drum duties  for RICHIE RAMONE'S four piece.

US Neo-Soulite Hits Big in Europe


Happy Holidays to us! Our newly acquired multi-instrumentalist/singer, Quentin Moore is tickling our fancy right now, filling in nicely on our roster as the most prolific composer yet, bringing an exciting collection of Neo-Soul, Funk, Groove, and R&B to the table. And we aren't the only ones gushing over Moore's work- having returned this Fall from a few weeks long tour through Belarus, Armenia, and Russia, where he played to sold out halls, Europe in general is receiving the music and performance of Quentin Moore exceptionally well. His last album "Black Privilege" ascended to the top 10 in UK Soul Chart and his single "Natural Sista" ranking #1 on UK Soul Chart for six weeks, this American-based star calls Austin, TX his home, making frequent trips to LA for live gigs. We couldn't be happier to start pitching these romantic and light hearted tunes of Quentin Moore for TV and film!

Newly Signed Enrique Jesus Hernandez Releases Video

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Enrique Jesus Hernandez drops his latest music video, coinciding his signing with Red Queen Music this month and we are very excited to present it! "theWHERE" is from his current project entitled HUNGER CITY, boasting a five song EP of the same name. The theme of the project/album describes the struggle of finding a place in the world, coming from a household of domestic abuse and violence. Read more about Enrique and "theWHERE" here

Bubblegum/Power Pop Warren Klein in STRANGER THINGS

We are pleased to share that STRANGER THINGS 2nd season premiered with songwriter Warren Klein’s bubblegum punk track “Every Other Girl” appearing in the episode “MadMax”! This obscure rock and roll teenie bopper cut from 1978 found a perfect spot in the first episode of the series, which is set in the early '80s. Thank you to Picture Music Company for working with us! Follow STRANGER THINGS 2 on Netflix!!

Lauren Lakis As FEROCIOUS As Ever...



"Ferocious" is the single from Lakis' upcoming full length album, which will be the first under her own name. The track touches on the push/pull dynamic of a relationship, interlacing moody pop feels which feature an evocative and swelling chorus. Check out Lauren's interview with Buzzbands below.... And keep an ear out for her full record early 2018!

"Our Sky's Falling", Says Peeling Grey In Their New Video Premiere




               The new video for the title track off the album "Our Sky's Falling", follows the band (including singer Andy Smith's personal set of wheels) through a desert journey, complete with rich montages of band performance, leaving our nostalgia for 1980s New Romanticism fully satiated. Keep an ear out for Peeling Grey into 2018 as they continue to gig live and gear up for their next studio record!

Tombstones In Their Eyes' New EP Receives Praise from The Big Takeover, Backseat Mafia, More!


Tombstones In Their Eyes' primary composer John Treanor has a lot to be excited about when three popular music columns/blogs are eager to cover his latest aural endeavor. TITE summer EP entitled "Fear" is a swirling piece of sorrow and introspection, albeit some different touches added by the band including focus on drone, effects pedal choices, and song structure exploration. 

From The Big Takeover:


Be sure to peruse the full write up at Big Takeover, in addition to the interviews with Treanor himself at Torched Magazine and Backseat Mafia to learn more. We'll leave you with an artist curated visual accompaniment to the featured track "Always There", which is guaranteed to get the cinematic blood pumping:


Underground Alt Rock's Harry Cloud Gears Up For New Album


Good news for fans of grunge, alternative rock, sludge, and all around weirdo-eccentric, independent singer songwriter style: the inimitable and recently signed Harry Cloud is in the studio for his newest full length album. This ten track piece, fully composed by Mr. Cloud, is being tracked and engineered by Red Queen's prolific artist, Paul Roessler at his very own Kitten Robot Studios in Los Angeles. The album is tentatively being called "I Like Rocks" and is set for release Christmas 2017, because, "I am Santa Claus" as Harry puts it. In the meantime, check out his other projects including Fannyland (for the grungy punks) and Orphan Goggles (for the sweetly sarcastic doom or prog metal fans).

The track "Haunted Hayride" from the upcoming album below:

Soft Rock singer/songwriter Rob Friedman is Onboard

We are excited to acquire and be pitching the catchy indie rock tunes of Rob Friedman! In 2013, he enjoyed success with his track "Kiss Divine" appearing on the popular compilation "College Radio DayVol II" in addition to playing most of the instrumentation on Ali Eskandarian's "Nothing To Say (Wildflower)". Friedman also co-wrote "Don't Shed A Tear"- a Billboard Top 10 song recorded by Paul Carrack.

"The undeniable highlight, however, arrives in the shape of a sprawling seven minute live take on 'Art of Almost' by veteran Chicago rockers Wilco, which culminates in a jaw dropping jam session. Another highlight is the sunshine indie pop of 'Fred Astaire' by San Cisco (again, a live take available exclusively on this compilation) and on the other end of the spectrum, the delicate melancholia of 'Kiss Divine' by Rob Friedman, which slowly, subtly and cleverly keeps adding layers of instrumentation to an unexpected sing-along conclusion."

-Ben Walton, Contact Music

"Instrumentally, this is a most accomplished record, with Ali's [Eskandarian] bare acoustic guitar work supplemented by what sounds like a full band but is actually just his award-winning producer Rob Friedman playing everything from keyboards and guitars to drums and bass and making a hell of a believable sound."

-David Kiman on album review for "Nothing To Say (Wildflower)"

L.A. Drones Get Interviewed for Impose Magazine - Ready for Their Tape Release at The Echo

"Currently making some big buzz about the greater Los Angeles area, our friend Rachel Mason introduced us to L.A.Drones!, a duo of disguised identities that operate under the the handles Kontrol Remoto and Darlingtonia Brackets. Performing with bandanas and masks that prominently feature Xs on them, the L.A.Drones! alludes to drones that have become a part of our everyday existence coupled with the Spanish wordplay where ladrones in English translates to thieves. With their debut album The Name Of This Band Is L.A.Drones! available May 22 from the Oakland imprint This Starcraft—L.A.Drones! present the world premiere of their nu-techno, post-industrial invitational video that begs the questions, “Don’t Want You Dance?”

Check out the full interview here: Impose Magazine

Also, don't forget to catch their tape release show this Sunday, May 22 at The Echo with Kas Product.  Get your tickets ASAP here at Ticketfly!

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