Catahoula Signs with Red Queen

Red Queen is proud to announce the signing of Catahoula, a Cajun-flavored swamp rock band from Southern California. An eclectic group of performers, all the members of Catahoula have had long individual musical careers, with extremely varied musical influences. They have chosen to pool their diverse talents to form what is now Catahoula. The sound of Catahoula encompasses all of their experiences and styles - New Orleans blues, folk harmonies, jazz, and old fashioned 1960s rock and roll.

Listen to their latest release, "Second Sight" ,  and their debut album "Catahoula" .

Venues that have hosted Catahoula include: The Roxy, Paramount Studios, The Troubadour, The Whisky A Go Go, Dreamworks Studios, Marina Del Rey Arts and Music Festival, and The Mint.

Learn more about Catahoula by visiting their website.

"Seasoned southern rock outfit Catahoula demonstrate large chops, especially on vocals, presenting a slick and appealing, though at times gritty and downhome vibe with gospel and even theater overtones. 'Big Mamou' cooks with Cajun soul as Pamela Clay really belts on lead vocals. The pop/rocker 'Second Sight' displays Alabama-style chant vocals and killer bass and flute. Cajun flavor returns with 'La Boo Kay Bah,' putting you up to your eyeballs in swamp water. The band's pro experience oozes from these recordings." - Music Connection [8.2/10]