Tombstones In Their Eyes' New EP Receives Praise from The Big Takeover, Backseat Mafia, More!


Tombstones In Their Eyes' primary composer John Treanor has a lot to be excited about when three popular music columns/blogs are eager to cover his latest aural endeavor. TITE summer EP entitled "Fear" is a swirling piece of sorrow and introspection, albeit some different touches added by the band including focus on drone, effects pedal choices, and song structure exploration. 

From The Big Takeover:


Be sure to peruse the full write up at Big Takeover, in addition to the interviews with Treanor himself at Torched Magazine and Backseat Mafia to learn more. We'll leave you with an artist curated visual accompaniment to the featured track "Always There", which is guaranteed to get the cinematic blood pumping:


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