US Neo-Soulite Hits Big in Europe


Happy Holidays to us! Our newly acquired multi-instrumentalist/singer, Quentin Moore is tickling our fancy right now, filling in nicely on our roster as the most prolific composer yet, bringing an exciting collection of Neo-Soul, Funk, Groove, and R&B to the table. And we aren't the only ones gushing over Moore's work- having returned this Fall from a few weeks long tour through Belarus, Armenia, and Russia, where he played to sold out halls, Europe in general is receiving the music and performance of Quentin Moore exceptionally well. His last album "Black Privilege" ascended to the top 10 in UK Soul Chart and his single "Natural Sista" ranking #1 on UK Soul Chart for six weeks, this American-based star calls Austin, TX his home, making frequent trips to LA for live gigs. We couldn't be happier to start pitching these romantic and light hearted tunes of Quentin Moore for TV and film!

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